Would You Like To Get More Claims, Have a Simple Way To Process Them, and Enjoy a Flexible Working Schedule? 

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TelaEdu (Our Learning Management System) Was Specifically Designed To Level Up Your Game! 

Whether you're an Adjuster, Vendor, or Inspector, in order to take advantage of this unique program and be part of our team you must take our basic certifications courses.

It's a free certification program that will make you more marketable, help you get more claims, work them on your own time, and do so through a simple hassle-free process via our Merge software. 

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Here's what you can expect from this program...

Telaclaims Adjuster II Homeowners, Auto, and Liability Insurance

In this course, we will provide an in-depth look at Homeowners, Auto, and Liability lines of insurance. This group of lessons will also help familiarize you with the various policy forms, coverages, exclusions within those forms.

Vendor I Introduction to Vendor Customer Service  

This collection of customer service centric lessons are designed to educate the various vendors we utilize at Telaclaims on how we see customer service as our top priority. We believe that there are a lot of variables in an insurance claim but the one constant is always providing the best customer service possible.

Carrier Specific Certification Courses  

All insurance carriers are different and thus the resolution method for claims varies depending on the carrier. In these various courses, we provide you with the carrier specific endorsements and their specifics as well as an overview of the various policy forms and provisions of the carrier.